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Why You Should Consider Big Garage Doors

While most traditional homes are installed with standard two-car garage doors, there are some advantages to having bigger garage doors for your home. This is especially true if you have a home with a large opening. In this situation, a larger garage door can be cost effective and essentially create more space in your home. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a big garage door.

Your Home Is An Opened Style

If your home is a contemporary style, you may want to consider a larger door. This type of home lends itself to a sectional garage door. While some people may select a panel style or coiling style, a sectional door has less panels to tuck away.
A professional can help you determine the best door in consideration with your home’s size and the wind load that is comparable to your region. If your region experiences high winds, you’ll need a sturdier door. If your home has a large opening, these doors can provide many benefits.

High Quality Materials

Sectional garage doors are crafted from numerous materials including: aluminum, glass, wood, and steel. These materials provide a beautiful compliment to home’s exterior. The materials you want will depend on your home’s current look. Most of these materials are cost effective and are an excellent choice for any design.

Easy Operation Styles

While standard size doors can operate manually, larger doors have a more difficult time. There are two types of operators that are commonly used with large doors. These are the chain hoist and motorized operators.

The chain hoist operators attach to a chain and are operated manually. However, they do operate quite easily. The motorized operators function just like they do in a standard garage, expect they are usually mounted on the wall instead of overhead. Regardless of the type you choose, keep in mind that the hardware will be visible in your home.

Efficient Energy

When considering a larger door, you also want to think about the thermal insulation. If you live in a region where the climate is mostly warm, this type of door is perfect for you. If you want a warmer insulation, a wood or other solid material is a better choice rather than glass.

These Doors Create Space In Your Home

The overhead door lifts up and tucks away from your floor. This door creates additional space by folding out of the way. Sectional doors are suitable for any type of climate. If you have a large home and you want to create more space, this is an excellent choice.

They Connect You To Outdoor Living

Installing a big garage door in your home can provide a great connection between your home and the great outdoors. The ability to install all glass doors gives visual benefits that enhance the everyday experiences of your home. If you enjoy spending time in nature, this choice is for you.

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