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Reasons You Should Use Keyless Entry For Your Garage

Have you ever misplaced your garage remote or key? Or you may have possibly got home to realize that the batteries in your remote are dead? Now you have no way of opening your garage door from the outside. Starlite Garage Doors has the solution for this problem and it is keyless entry into your garage.
What is a Garage Keyless Entry?
Garage keyless entry is much like a keyless entry for an exterior house door. An easily accessible keypad is installed on the exterior of the garage. A customized pass code will be programmed and must be keyed for the garage door to open.

Benefits of Garage Keyless Entry

Garage keyless entry systems are providing thousands of people with convenient benefits. If you are new to the technology of garage keyless entry systems, you may not be aware of the benefits you are missing out on. Listed below are just some of the keyless entry benefits that customers of Starlite Garage Doors are experiencing.

1. No Keys or Remotes Required
Garage keyless entry simplifies life by removing the stress of keeping up with keys and garage door remote openers. The key pad is always accessible. No need to hide a key in order to let unexpected guests in during your absence, just provide the code for them to gain access.
2. Easy to Use
The keyless entry system is very user friendly. The keyless entry system communicates wirelessly to the garage door opener, therefore the keyless entry key pad can be installed on the garage where it is most convenient for you. The key pad consists of the number series 0-9 and can be programmed to the code(s) of your choice.

3. Multiple Access Codes
As mentioned above, some systems can be programmed to have multiple access codes. This feature is convenient when you need to provide access to different guests, such as family members, friends, babysitters, etc. These codes can be programmed and removed as desired.

4. Special Modes
Keyless entry systems feature different modes that can be set if desired. For instance, a lock mode can be set that will keep the system inaccessible until set differently by the owner. This feature can be used as an extra security measure while you are away for an extended period of time.

Keyless Entry Compatibility
An important question about keyless entry is will it be compatible with your current garage door opener? There are quite a few different brands that manufacture garage door openers and some may not be compatible, but most are. If you have questions about the compatibility of your current garage door system, the technicians at Quick Name will be able to answer that for you, along with other questions you may have.

Keyless entry can make your life a little easier by providing quicker access to your garage. Contact the team at Quick Name for consultation and installation of your own keyless entry system. Let Starlite Garage Doors make the benefits of keyless entry into your garage a reality for you today.

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