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How to Prepare Your Garage to be a Yoga Retreat

To increase living space without a lot of expense, many homeowners will look for ways to do so without creating additional expense. An attached garage is a fabulous space to use for extra living space. There are many ways you can use your attached garage to add additional space, including using it as a yoga retreat.

The team here at Starlite Garage Doors has a few ideas from our team that can help get you started:
1. Find a Comfortable Floor Solution
Of course, you can always use a yoga mat but no doubt you will want more padding than that. Just a concrete slab will get cold and can be hard on your body. Laying down rubber tiles or even area rugs can add additional cushion making the floor more comfortable.

2. Paint the Walls
Sprucing up the walls with a comforting, neutral color that relaxes you can give some relaxation for yoga, especially if you have parked your vehicles in your garage on a regular basis. This can make the walls dirty and dingy. So, a nice paint color can help. Also, since most garages don’t have a lot of natural sunlight, make sure you choose a lighter color versus a darker one.

3. Heating and Cooling
You will definitely want to come up with a solution for your space. Take some of these ideas into consideration:
● Floorboard heaters
● Space heaters
● HVAC system run from the house into the garage
Air conditioning
● HVAC system run from house into the garage
● Window unit air conditioner
● Installing an exhaust fan that will circulate the air with the floor fans

Before you run the HVAC vents from your house to inside the garage, we recommend you consult a professional. It may not be feasible for your specific unit to heat/cool an extra amount of space depending on the size of your unit.
4. Insulate Your Garage and the Garage Door
Insulation is an important step to keep the air regulated if you’re using your garage for living space. The same goes for the garage door. If you can see light through cracks in the door, you will need to add some weather stripping. If you already have weather stripping and it is cracked, you may need to replace it.
5. Create Ambience
Some idea to create a relaxing, calming environment is to install some low level lighting or set up some floor lamps in the area. Working to make the room inviting and not be a distraction will give a calming effect which is especially important if you plan to meditate during your yoga time.
6. Set up your Yoga Gear
Set aside a special space to keep all of your yoga gear together. Some items you will need for your sessions include: towels, cushions, and yoga blocks. So you will want to find a place to keep these things. You can also keep it out of the way by finding a storage solution that works for you and your space.
When you are ready to insulate your garage door, our team Starlite Garage Doors is happy to help. We can insulate your existing garage door or a new one you’ve chosen. Our trained technicians can come out and inspect your garage and make their recommendations. Call us today. We are looking forward to speaking with you.

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