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How to Level a Crooked Garage Door

Over time, your garage door will need repairs. Simply operating your equipment can cause it to wear out, break, or for things to come out of alignment. One of the things our team at Neighborhood Garage Door Repair of San Jose does is level crooked doors. It is important your door is level when you operate it, otherwise, it can cause damage to the whole assembly.
If your door is out of whack, then take these steps to level it.
Tighten the Cables
One of the reasons that your door may be unlevel is on account of the cable length. One may be a bit longer than the other, causing the door to let in light at the top or bottom.
Adjust the cables a little at a time and then test the door to see if it is correct. In order to do that, you will need to follow these steps:
Pull The Emergency Release Cable
Before working on your door, pull the emergency release cable. This is a cable that hangs from the tracks and releases the trolley from the door. The trolley is what pulls and pushes your door when the motor operates. Releasing that cable allows you to open the door.
Raise the Door to Release the Tension
In order to release the tension on your garage door, you will need to open the door and close it again. This will break the wound up tension on the door. You may need someone to help you open the door because you won’t have the assistance of the tension after that. Garage doors can weigh around 150 pounds.
Attach C-Clamps
Once the door is free moving, brace it with c-clamps so that it does not move while you are working on it. You’ll place a clamp on either side of the door under the roller that is near the bottom.
Also, it is very important to understand that the springs and cables are under tension and can be very dangerous. If you are not experienced with this type of repair, we hope you’ll call us so we can send one of our experts out to you.
Take Off The Cable
You should see the cable attached to the top of the garage door frame. It should be tight as a guitar string, but if it is not, then you need to tighten it up. Use pliers to loosen the cable brackets to pull the extra cable through. Once you have tightened it up as much as you need to, tighten the brackets back up.
Check The Door
Once you have completed these steps, check your door to see if it is level. If it is not, then you need to tighten the side that is still showing light at the top of the door.
Call Our Team to Level Your Garage Door
If your door isn’t level and you need us to come out and make the adjustment for you, do not hesitate to call. The team here at Neighborhood Garage Door of San Jose is ready to help you any time of the night or day. We’ll take your call and schedule you with an appointment that works for you.
Get in touch with us now so we can work on your door. We look forward to hearing from you.

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