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How to Know If Your Garage Door is Insulated

Energy efficiency seems to be on many minds in this economy. An insulated garage door can make a
big difference in your home’s heating and cooling efficiency. The team at Starlite Garage Doors recommends
you test how insulated your door is. Here are the steps of a simple test you can do to see how
insulated it is.
1. Test The Temperature Of The Garage After It’s Been Closed
This will typically be in the morning after the door has been closed all night. You will be
determining the difference between the inside and outside of the garage temperatures.
2. Using Your Car Thermometer
The easy way to check the inside temperature of your garage is to use your car thermometer. This can
be done by starting the car and letting it run for about a minute and see what temperature registers on
your dashboard. If you do not have this feature on your car, you can easily use a regular handheld
thermometer to check the inside garage temperature.

3. Check the Outside Temperature
You can pull the car out of the garage and drive for a short distance to determine the temperature
outside. Once again, if you do not have this car feature, you can determine the temperature by other
means. An insulated garage door can keep your garage about 12 degrees warmer in the winter or up
to 25 degrees cooler in summer.

If you find there is not much difference in the inside the garage and outside the garage temperatures,
you probably do not have an insulated garage door.
Improve Energy Efficiency By Insulating Your Garage Doors
If you find that you need to insulate your garage doors, here are some easy fixes that are not all that
expensive to do. With just a few common tools and materials purchased at any home improvement
center, you can do the job yourself!
First, You’ll Want to Change the Weather Stripping
Over the years, the rubber can become cracked or hardened and not be keeping a good seal
anymore. We can assist you in this step if you do not wish to tackle it yourself. You will not want to see
daylight around the weather stripping on either the bottom or sides of the garage door.

Next, Add Insulation Panels to Your Garage Door
If there is a lot of damage to your current garage door, you may decide that replacing the door with a
new insulated door will be a better option. If your current door has rust or holes in it, the new insulation
you’re adding will be compromised and not completely efficient.

Our technicians can aid you in determining if you need a new door or it the current one is suitable for
upgrading with the new insulation. We gladly install the new insulation panels ourselves if you wish.
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Starlite Garage Doors is ready to help you upgrade your garage door today with insulation. We have
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