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What do I do If I Lose My Garage Door Opener?

If you lose power to your garage door opener, you can troubleshoot the cause of the problem by checking a few things. Look at the breaker box to see if you have tripped any breakers. Make sure that the opener is plugged into the ceiling. Check the ceiling outlet to see if it is working.

If you still can’t determine why your opener isn’t working, contact a professional garage door company. It could be something wrong with the opener itself such as the motor. In the meantime, if you need to get your car out of the garage, you will need to release the trolley from the door. To do that, pull the emergency release cord that hangs from the door.

After you pull it, you should be able to move the door freely. Take note that this is a heavy piece of equipment that you may have a hard time moving.

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