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Will a New Garage Door Increase Your Property Value

Are you looking for ways to increase your home value? There are a lot of remodeling projects you can take on that require time and money. However, there is an often overlooked upgrade you can make that only takes a day, but has remarkable ROI. That would be installing a new garage door.

The team here at Starlite Garage Doors, has installed many new doors for our customers. We work with them to pick out the right styles and design to complement their house. When you choose the right door and have it installed professionally, you’ll see a great return on your investment.

Here’s what you can expect.

What’s the ROI on a New Garage Door?

According to Remodeling Magazine in 2017, the estimated that homeowners would get a 76.9%- 85.0% return on the sale of a home by investing in a new garage door. Their full report showed that the return on a new garage door is higher than that of many popular remodels.

For example, it outranked these common projects:

● Bathroom remodeling- 59.1%- 64.8%
● Deck addition- 65.2%- 71.5%
● Kitchen remodeling – 61.9% – 65.3%

One important thing to note is that the ROI increases when you invest more money in the garage door. A high quality door with good insulation and a current style will get a higher return. Even if you go with something lower end, you will still get a good return.

How About the ROI on a New Garage?

If you’d rather embark on a larger project, you should consider adding a new garage. Whether you add on another car garage to your home or build a stand alone garage, you will do yourself a big favor.

You can expect the same kind of return on building a new garage as you would installing a new door. Generally, you’ll get about an 81% return for the amount you put into it. Not only do you get a good resale value on a garage addition, you will also increase the value of your home.

Whether you are trying to sell your house or not, investing in the garage is a good idea for the long-term. The great thing about garage projects is that it won’t displace your family like other remodels will.

Call Today For a New Door

If you are ready to get started on a new garage door, call the team here at Starlite Garage Doors. We have an expert that can take your call and answer all of your questions about new equipment. We’ll direct you to an online catalog where you can customize your perfect garage door.

Once the new equipment is together, one of our experienced technicians will come out and install it for you. We recommend you have a professional handle the installation to make sure it is put together correctly. They will also balance the door after installation so that it runs smoothly.

Call now so we can get started on your new door! We can’t wait to help you.

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