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Why You Should Consider Building a Detached Garage

Many homes have attached garages these days. There are many benefits to this design, but there are also a lot of reasons you should consider a detached garage. The team at Starlite Garage Doors can install a door on any building.

Benefits of a Detached Garage

Even if you have an attached garage, you might want to consider building a detached garage in your backyard. There are a lot of advantages to doing this.

Here are a few you should consider:

More Storage Area

A detached garage is great for storing your items. Since you’ll likely park in the one that is part of your home you need a place to store things. Many homeowners like to put their off-season clothes, decorations, and other items.

Great For a Shop

If you like to have a space to do woodworking, crafts, or other projects, this is a good solution. You can keep down on the noise from those types of hobbies as well as contain the mess. Also, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up every time you want to park your car.

Create an Office

People who own their own businesses should consider a detached garage. You can easily convert part of the space into an office. It gives a good solution to renting a place for your business. It also allows you to have some separation between home and work.

Add on an Extra Room

You can add a room over the detached garage as a guest house or place for your adult children to stay. It makes a perfect place for company and family to stay when they come to visit. They get privacy but are close to your home for socializing.

Good Place to Park Your Car

Don’t forget that a garage is the best place to park your car. If you want to cut down on the fumes that get into your house then switch to parking in the detached garage. If you have more then one car, you can park the other one in the separate building.

Rebuild an Old Car

If you have a love for old cars, you can use this type of building to store and rebuild them. This way, you can work on your hobby without it interfering with your everyday life. Antique cars need to be stored in buildings, even if they are not being worked on. This preserves their paint and keeps them from damage.

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