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Why Won_t The Garage Door Open All of The Way_

Many of our customers contact us because their garage door won’t open. Either the door opens part of the way and stops or won’t budge at all. The team here at Starlite Garage Doors has a few troubleshooting tips for you to see if you can figure out the problem.
Understand Why Your Door Stops
It’s important to understand that your door is designed to stop if it senses resistance of any kind. That means that if there is a broken part or something out of alignment, it may not open. It is designed this way to keep it from damaging the door more or causing you physical harm.
1. Close the Door Fully
If the door is not opening all of the way, use the remote or wall mount to close it. Once it is fully closed you should pull the emergency release cord to disconnect it from the trolley. This will allow the door to open and close manually.
2. Slowly Open the Door By Hand
After the door is disconnected, you will slowly open it by hand. You are trying to feel if there is any resistance when you are moving it. Pay particular attention to where you feel the resistance so you can do a visual inspection.
3. Look At Where the Door Stops
Look at the track where the door stops. You will want to look at the top of the door to see if something is caught in the tracks. Also, look at the bottom in case something is causing it to drag. If you don’t see anything at the top or bottom, look all along the tracks.

Clear out any debris or other things that may be obstructing the door. If you notice that any of the roller are worn or loose, you will want to change them. Tighten up any part of the door that you notice is loose.
4. Reconnect The Trolley
In order to reconnect your door to the trolley, you will pull the emergency release down and push the button on your remote. Even though the door isn’t open, the part that opens it will be in its proper position. When you close it, it will bring the part forward that attaches to the trolley.
5. Try The Door Again
Once it is connected to the trolley again, you will want to try and open using your remote or wall mount. If your door will not open all the way, then you should see if your opener has a manual force adjuster. It could be that it needs to be increased to get the door open.
6. Increase Travel Limits
If your door opens at least 5 feet, but that’s it, you may need to increase the travel limits on the opener. There is a button on the side of your opener that is used to adjust this. You should look in your owner’s manual to determine exactly how to do that on your model.
Call Starlite Garage Doors For Service
After performing these troubleshooting tips, you may not know why your door isn’t opening. If that is the case, call the team here at Starlite Garage Doors. We will get one of our technicians out to you as quickly as we can.

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