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Why Isn_t The Button on The Wall Opening My Garage Door__

It’s always frustrating when your garage door stops working. Each part of your door works together to make the door open and close. If you’re pushing the button on the wall and your door won’t open, the team at Starlite Garage Doors has some answers for you.
Understanding The Button On The Wall
It’s important to have a general understanding of your garage door even if you’re not a professional technician. Understanding the basic parts will help you troubleshoot any issues that you experience with your system. One of the most basic parts is the button on the wall.

The button on the wall is the remote unit for your door. It connects to the main opener unit that is near the ceiling. When you push the button, it signals the opener to either open or close your door.
Troubleshooting The Unit
This control unit is not a complicated part of your system. It is very frustrating when you push the button and nothing happens. When this happens, try these few troubleshooting steps.
Check the Wiring
If you just installed a new opener, check to see if there’s an issue with the wiring. Before you do this, make sure all the power is disconnected to avoid any injuries. There’s a couple of things you should look for:
● After you disconnect the power, check the wiring in the opener. Look for crossed or loose wiring. One set of wires connects to the opener and a second set connects to a safety feature.
● Next, check the wires that connect to the wall button. If you see different colors wires, that will help you keep track of the connections. Disconnect the wires that attach to the connectors and attach them to the different terminals. Check to see if your door opens.
If your door opens after these steps, you probably have faulty wiring. Contact your local garage door professional for help rewiring your opener.
Test The Button Features
There is a chance the button itself is damaged. Try disconnecting the wires and touching them together. If the door opens, you probably just need a new button. It is easy to get a replacement button.

When you order a new button, you can choose from different options. However, there are some button that won’t have your current features such as lighting.
The Door Still Won’t Open
After you walk through the above troubleshooting tips, what happens if your door still won’t open? Well, the last step is to check the control board. A bad storm or power outage can destroy the control board.

It’s important to replace the control board with the same brand you already have. Be sure to check your owner’s manual before you order a new one. If you have concerns about your control board, ask your local professional to investigate it for you.
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The team at Starlite Garage Doors understands garage door issues. There are several reasons why the button on your wall won’t open your door. If you walk through these steps and your door still won’t open, call your local company for help.

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