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Why Is The L.E.D. Light Blinking on My Opener_

What Is An L.E.D. Light?
L.E.D. stands for light-emitting diode and it is made from many light-conducting materials. A diode is a specific current of electricity. When electric currents go through, you can see the light. An L.E.D. light is found in different light sources including garage door openers.
These bulbs tend to last longer than regular light bulbs. They don’t give off a lot of heat and they save on energy costs. These lights also keep communication open between the opener and control system.
Check The Lock Button
When a light is blinking on your opener, it’s telling you there is an error somewhere in the system. First, check if door will close with either the remote or the wall control. If you can close your door with the wall control, chances are the lock feature is on.
The lock feature prevents you from using your remote. You can use your door from a keyless entry keypad. This keeps anyone from using your remote. If you have a motion sensor wall unit, lift up the cover and press the lock button for a few seconds to turn off the feature. Test out your door by using your remote.
Dealing With Blinking Lights
There are other reasons your lights are blinking. Some of these reasons include:
● Vacation mode is turned on – This feature allows you to lock your system while you are away on vacation or out-of-town. Since each opener is different, consult your manual on how to turn your vacation mode off.
● A problem with the wiring – Check that the wires in the opener are properly connected.
● Something is not aligned – When the lights are flashing it could also mean something in the system is not aligned correctly. Disconnect the opener and be sure all the parts are in place.
● A problem with the safety sensors – These sensors could be misaligned or have faulty wiring. You’ll need to check out the wiring in the motor unit.
These are just a few reasons why your lights are blinking. An expert will find the cause and fix the problem.
Checking The Safety Sensors
If you’ve tried all other troubleshooting tips, it’s time to check if the safety sensors are the problem. Make sure you wear working gloves and eyeglass to protect against electrical dangers. First, make sure nothing is blocking the sensors themselves. Then, make sure they are correctly aligned.
The light in the sensors connect to the light in the opener. If there is something wrong with the sensors, the light in the opener will blink. There could be an issue with the wiring here as well. Any loose wiring will keep the door from closing. Open the motor unit and check the wire connections.

If your lights are still blinking after you follow these steps, be sure to contact Starlite Garage Doors right away. A professional technician will check out your system and find the underlying cause of your problem. They’ll get your garage door working as quickly as possible.

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