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Why Did My Garage Door Come Off The Tracks_

A common reason our customers call us is when their garage door tracks bend. The team here at Neighborhood Garage Door Repair can replace the tracks and align the door after the installation. These are some of the reasons that your track can bend.
1. Not Enough Lubrication
Your rollers need to have lubrication applied two times a year. Our technicians do this during our maintenance service. We use a lubricant designed for your garage door parts on your rollers.
When there isn’t enough lubrication, the rollers can wear out on the sides and cause friction on the tracks. Or, the rollers may come off the tracks altogether. If the rollers do not stay in place, the tracks will bend during the normal use of the door.
2. When a Cable Breaks
Garage doors that have extension springs have safety cables attached to the bottom of the door on both sides. If the cable breaks on one side or the other, it can cause the tracks to bend sideways. Using your door after a cable breaks will only damage the system more.
3. Metal Fatigue
Simply using your door can cause the tracks to bend over time. The tracks can become fatigued from weight and usage. Over time, the horizontal track may warp or bend from the weight of the door.
4. Accidents
If you run into your door with a car or something heavy, it can cause the garage door to become misaligned. Even if you don’t hit your door that hard, you should call our technicians to come out and inspect the damage. Your tracks may have shifted and become unbalanced without you realizing it.
5. Destroyed Footings and Jambs
The footings and jamb brackets can decay from weather conditions. These parts hold the tracks in place. If your door is running on a track with damaged footings and jamb brackets, it can cause it to bend over time.
6. Shifting Foundation
It’s not uncommon for a foundation to shift over time. However, the shifting can cause more pressure on the door. The extra weight on one side or the other can cause the tracks to bend.
7. Scraping Lock Striker
Every time you open or close your door, parts of the door can scrape against the tracks. The lock striker is one of those parts. We often see tracks bend on commercial doors where the company uses it several times a day.

Garage door parts wear out from use. The best thing to do is to take good care of your system and replace worn out parts before they cause more damage.
Call Us For Bent or Broken Tracks
If your tracks are bent, call the team here at Neighborhood Garage Door Repair. Our technicians will inspect your door and make the repairs. They will install new tracks and any other hardware that is worn out. Don’t wait to get these repairs made.
Call us now so we can get someone out to your address. We look forward to hearing from you.

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