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Which R-Value Should You Choose For Your Garage Door_

When it comes to garage doors, you have come to the right place! Our company at Starlite Garage Doors works on the sole purpose to help our customers. We can help you repair or install your garage doors, and also give you information that you can use.
What is the R-Value of Your Garage Door?
The R-value is a measurement of the heating and cooling aspects of the constructions materials used in your garage door. When inspecting a garage door, you would want to choose one with a higher R-value due to its insulation properties. This will protect the storage inside your garage and in the end protect your investment.
Types of Insulation
When it comes to insulating our home, we try to choose what will give us the best value while making our home comfortable. For garage doors, there are two types of insulation:

● Polystyrene – for a garage door, this type of insulation would go between two steel walls. If the garage door is a two-layer door, the insulation would be adhered to the back. You can also find this type of insulation in various products, such as disposable coffee cups.
● Polyurethane – with its much higher R-value and better thermal resistance, this type of insulation is more superior. It is a flexible yet strong material so it is sturdier.

Something else to consider is the abilities of the insulation is the thermal bridges and weatherproofing. You will want to use a weather stripping that is of high quality that will stay flexible in a colder environment.
Choosing the Right R-Value for Your Home
When you deciding on a garage door, you will want to consider if your garage is attached or detached. If your garage is attached to your home, the R-value of 6 would be appropriate. If your garage is detached, you should look at a door with an R-value of at least 10. Also, take a closer look at how well your garage deals with colder temperatures.
Heating Your Garage
If your home is attached and you have an interior door, there will be some heat going into the garage when the door is opened. Also, if you store your car in your garage, your garage would run a little warmer when the engine is running. Consider if you have a well-insulated garage as well. For all of these reasons, there would be no need to add an additional heat source to your garage.

Let’s say you live in an environment that gets humid or hot throughout the year. If you have an R-value of 16 or above, you could see a reduction in your energy bill. All of these factors will help you decide which garage door and R-value you should choose.
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