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Which Material Should You Choose For Your New Garage Door_

Are you thinking about replacing your garage door? Our team at Starlite Garage Doors can help you with all your garage door selections and installations. All our friendly customer service representatives and service technicians are completely trained to give you great ideas and advise you on your garage door selection.
Garage Door Selection
There are many types of door and materials that you can install at your home and with such a wide selection at times may be harder to pick the right one for your home. But upgrading your garage door does come with plenty of perks. For one, your home value.

So, let’s check out the types of garage doors that you are looking for and that can be used for your home since the size of the garage door must be the right fit for your garage spacing.

● Swing up
● Roll Up
● Slide to Side
● Swing out

These are the 4 types of garage doors that come in the first-step process of your selection.
Once you have an idea of the type of garage door you are looking for. Then, you can move on to the next step of picking out the material that fits the style of your home.
Material For Your Garage Door
This is a very important step and of course one that can determine the style of your home by giving it the best curb-appeal possible. You will want to stick to a material and color that can be paired with the design of your home. Sometimes, it might be a bit difficult but you can always consult with your favorite garage door team. Here are 5 materials:

1. Wood and Wood Composite
If you are wondering about the difference between wood and wood composite. The wood composite will give you the same look as wood but in a lighter weight and with a smaller price. But just as customizable as the wood material.

2. Steel
Steel is recommended if you prefer a low maintenance garage door. But it is highly suggested that you add a fiberglass cover to avoid rusting.
1. Aluminum
This material is very lightweight and can have customized panels added nicely of various materials. Of course, they are at a higher price range depending on the material of panels and frames.
3. Fiberglass
The material is very malleable to mirror other materials. The only downturn is that with time it may turn yellow or break easily.
4. Vinyl
You might want to consider this material is your home is prone to heavy-duty machinery and can cause a dent to the garage door at any point in time. Since this door is very durable. This material offers very few designs and colors.

These five materials can also be combined with glass windows. You can compromise and add to your taste.
Safety Insulation
Lets not forget that the garage door may or may not be insulated and it is important that you know when it is necessary as it may cause harm and may become a safety hazard in the long run. Please make sure that if your garage door is used for storage or car parking, then insulation is not really necessary since it might trap harmful fumes and chemicals.
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