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Which Apps Are Available For Smart Garage Door Openers_

You can use your cell phone to do so much these days, including open your garage door. If you have a smart opener and the app installed, you can work your door with it. The team here at Neighborhood Garage Door Repair put together a short guide of the smart openers on the market. We hope these recommendations help you.
Why You Should Consider a Smart Opener
Maybe you aren’t sure what a smart opener is. It is a wi-fi ready garage door opener that can be operated by your phone using an app. These units have several features such as:
● Video monitoring
● Sending reminders if your door is left open
● Opening and closing the door
These are a few of the things this type of opener can do. Depending on the model, there are other things it can be capable of. If you have questions about the different features, you can always ask our technician about it.
Available Apps For Your Garage Door
Whether you have an iPhone or Android, there are apps available for you. You’ll have to make sure that you download the one that matches the garage door opener you purchased. Here are a few on the market:
Craftsman puts out a smart opener that allows you to put your door on lockdown while you are gone. The feature keeps people from opening the door even if they have a remote. You can also open the door when you aren’t home through the app. That’s a great feature if you have a delivery happening and you need someone to get in your garage.
MyQ Smart
The MyQ app works with any Chamberlain smart opener. It has a great feature that will send you alerts when your door opens or closes. If someone were to enter your home while you aren’t home, you will get an alert. Also you can schedule the door to close at a certain time of day and for the lights to come on or cut off.
This app is compatible with the H&A Open Sesame Garage Door Opener Bluetooth Device. It can be installed on more than one phone. This is a good idea for families that have a lot of people coming and going in the house. It is especially great for teenagers who have cell phones and need to get in and out of the house.
Call us To Install a New Opener
If you are ready to upgrade to a smart opener, call the team at Neighborhood Garage Door Repair today. We have qualified technicians that can come and install a new opener for you. We can also guide you in which opener is right for your needs. Be sure to ask our technicians any questions you have.

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