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What_s The Difference Between High Lift Doors and Vertical Lift Doors_

Many homeowners have a traditional, standard-lift door. This type of door rolls up onto a track that is suspended from the garage ceiling. However, if you have a two story garage or storage unit, then a high-lift or vertical lift door might be a good idea.

The team here at Starlite Garage Doors can install any type of door that you need. We will take the time to explain to you the difference between styles. Here’s what you need to know about vertical and high-lift doors.
What is a High-Lift Door?
A high-lift doors are similar to a standard-lift door because the door rolls along the tracks and is suspended overhead. The difference between those two is that the tracks are hung much higher up to stay out of the way of tall equipment. The door will have to travel up the length of the wall to reach the curved part of the track and pull it onto the suspended part of the track.
These types of doors are perfect for loading docks and other high ceilings. In fact, you can have your standard-lift door converted into a high-lift system to give yourself more ceiling space. Our technicians are able to make this conversion for you.
What is a Vertical-Lift Door?
A vertical lift door also opens up flush against the wall, versus suspended on a track overhead. The doors are often single panel, but can be sectional. Many times, you will find this type of door on large warehouses.
Tracks can get in the way of day to day function of certain businesses. This is why many tall buildings use a vertical-lift system in place of the standard-lift.
What is the Difference Between the Two?
There are some big differences between the two of these types of systems. The biggest differences are the cable drums and tracks. In order to keep the door balanced, the right cable drum must be installed.
For example, a standard-lift cable drum has a raised groove that helps to balance the door. Vertical lift drums look like a cone with grooves all the way around it. The high-lift drum looks like a combination of a vertical lift and standard lift drum.
How to Know Which System is Right For You
Since both of these systems are designed with the weight of the door in mind, you will need to pick the right one for the weight of your door. Our technicians are able to come out and evaluate your room and needs to give you guidance. They can let you know exactly what you need to make the right decision for your garage.
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