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What to do If You Lose Your Garage Door Remote

Your garage door remote is the most convenient way to get into your garage. Most people keep their remote inside their car for quick access. These devices are small and easy to lose. What happens if you lose your garage door remote? Starlite Garage Doors has some answers for you.
How A Garage Door Remote Works
It’s helpful to have a proper understanding of your remote control. Inside your remote is a tiny device called a dip switch. This dip switch controls the remotes frequency. It acts like your garage door’s identification system. It programs your remote with a specific code so when you push the button, your door opens instead of another one down the street.
Disable Your Remote Right Away
When you lose your remote, there’s no way of knowing whether someone else has it. This can lead to someone else having access to your house. If you have a smart remote, it’s important that you disable it right away.

The programming steps depend on the type of remote you have. Most modern remotes come with smart controls. There are a few ways to disable your remote:
● From the control on the wall, you can push the lock button. This will disable all the incoming and outgoing signals.
● Unplug the door opener to turn off the power supply.
● If you have a smart remote, find the colored button and hold it down for a few seconds.
Unplugging the opener is the easiest way to temporarily disable your remote. It won’t erase any of the memory or the setting either.
Erase The System’s Memory
Even if you’re not certain whether you remote has been stolen, it’s a safe choice to erase the system’s memory anyway. This way, it’s not possible for someone to open your door. If you have a smart remote, find the control panel press down the Learn button for a few seconds until the light turns off. This will completely erase the codes for your remotes and control systems.
How Will I Open The Door?
Once you turn off the power to the automatic door opener, you can open and close the door by using the emergency cord release. This is a red cord that hangs down from the ceiling in your garage. Pulling it disengages the trolley from the tracks and lets you manually use your door.
Keeping Your Remote Secure
Your remote acts like a house key. Even though you do your best to keep it safe, there’s always a chance your remote can get lost or stolen. Keep your remote secure with these helpful tips:
● Keep your car doors locked at all times.
● Place your remote out of sight like inside your glove box or other secret area in your car.
● Invest in a small keychain remote that attaches to your keys.
These are just a few ways to keep your remote safe.

Follow these helpful steps if you ever lose your garage door remote. If you need a replacement remote, the team at Starlite Garage Doors can offer further advice.

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