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What is the Difference Between a Single and Double Spring Door_


There are many factors to consider when purchasing a new garage door. Hardware such as the opener, safety sensors, and remotes all contribute to the entire assembly. Another part that is also important is the springs.

Garage doors either have single springs or double springs to operate them. How do you know which one is right for your door? Here is some helpful information on the differences between installing one or two springs in a garage door.
What Are Garage Door Springs?
The garage door spring is usually referred to as a “torsion or tension spring.” These parts look coiled and function exactly like any other spring. The springs are made from a durable material that allows them to store energy and operate your garage door.

The springs are found on either side of your door above the place where your door opens. They coil and twist as the door opens and stretch as the door closes. This action of opening and closing is called a cycle.

Single Spring Doors
Some doors operate just fine with the use of one torsion spring. If your door has one spring, it’s fine to leave just one spring. However, if the spring breaks, you should replace it right away since there is no additional spring to do the work.

If the spring breaks on a closed door, you cannot lift the door to exit the garage. If the spring breaks when the door is opening, the door could fall and result in injury. When this happens, it is very important to get the springs immediately replaced.
Double Spring Doors
If you installed your garage door with two springs, you should consider replacing both of them. It is rare that two springs break at the same time. However, if one breaks, the one will soon follow. Sometimes money is saved by replacing them at the same time.

Two springs will also increase the life cycle of the springs.One spring will be able to do the work of both until you decide to replace them. This is the benefit of having two springs installed in your garage door. You will be able to use your door until you get a replacement.
Life Cycle of Springs
Your garage door springs do a lot of work each time the door runs through an opening or closing cycle. Over time, the material grows weaker and they buckle under the weight of the door. Eventually they will break and need an immediate replacement to avoid any hazards or further damage to the assembly.

Garage door springs typically last anywhere from 5-7 years with frequent maintenance. Of course this depends on how frequent you open and close your door. The springs will last longer when they kept free of rust.

While there are no significant differences between single and double spring doors, each one has positive and negative factors. Consider the areas most important to you to help you make your garage door purchase. A professional garage door company will also help you in making your selections.

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