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What is Causing The Garage Door Opener to Beep_

Is your garage door opener beeping and you don’t know why? The team here at Starlite Garage Doors put together a few things you can try to figure out why. We know how annoying the sound can be.
These are general instructions so you will want to consult your owner’s manual for particulars to your model.
What Causes Your Opener to Beep?
There are many reasons your door might be beeping at you. Some of these reasons include:
1. Let You Know The Door is About to Close
If you are using the MyQ wireless door app or a time to close the door, it will beep when the door is about to close. Also, the lights will flash as a warning for those that are hearing impaired. This let’s everyone know to back away from the door.
Make sure your kids are aware that when the beeping and flashing occur, they need to get out of the way of the door. You might be coming home and pushing the button as you pull in. They will know to get out of the way because of the noise.
2. When the Opener is Operating on Battery Backup Power
For openers that have a battery backup, the door will beep when it is using that resource. So, if your power goes out or there is something wrong with the opener, it will beep when it is in use. Once the power comes back on, the beeping will stop.
3. When You Need to Change The Battery In Your Backup
Openers that have a battery backup will give you a warning beep when the batteries need to be changed. Make sure you pay attention to this and switch out the batteries when you hear the noise. Once the new batteries are in place, you shouldn’t have the noise problem anymore.
What If The Opener is Still Beeping
If you have changed out the battery in the back up, know the power isn’t out, and aren’t using the MyQ app, then you may have another problem on your hands. Check your owners manual to see if it has any information about the sounds.
Try unplugging the opener and letting it stay unplugged for a minute. It might reset it and stop the noise. After you do this, you might have to take the batteries out of your remote to get it to resync to the opener.
Call Today For Our Help
If you can’t get the beeping to stop on your opener, call the team here at Starlite Garage Doors today. We will get one of our qualified technicians out to your address quickly. We offer same day services so you don’t have to wait to have your problems solved.
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