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What Does a Backup Battery on Your Garage Door Opener Do_

Is the power out in your home and you can’t get your car out of the garage? The team here at Starlite Garage Doors has just the solution for you! Backup batteries can be equipped to your garage door opener so you don’t have to manually open your garage door and risk injury.
What is a Backup Battery for your Garage Door?
When the power goes out in your home, the backup battery unit will provide the power to your garage door to properly function. There are many different options of backup batteries to choose from for your garage door. The most convenient is the small, 12-volt battery unit offered by most manufacturers, such as LiftMaster.

These batteries can either be inserted into the motor housing or installed over the motor of your garage door opener. Please be aware that in most cases the same brand must be used for both the garage door opener and the backup battery to work properly.
● Once your power goes out, a fully powered backup battery generally will last up to 24 hours.
● Depending on which battery you have chosen, you can get up to 50 cycles (1 cycle = 1 open and 1 close) during that time.
● The battery will recharge automatically when the power comes back on.
● When it’s time for a replacement, the backup battery can be recycled like many other batteries.
What Will it Cost?
The backup batteries that are placed on top of the garage door opener are roughly $100. For batteries that are housed inside of the motor unit of the opener, you will pay about $60 depending on model and manufacturer.
Forgot the Backup Battery When You Bought Your Opener?
Don’t fret if you forgot or didn’t know about buying a backup battery when you purchased your new garage door opener! They can be installed after your opener is installed. While it may be tempting to do it yourself, call our team to install the backup battery to ensure it is properly mounted.

If your power is out without a backup battery, you will need to manually open and close your garage door. To do this, pull down on the emergency release cord on the door opener. Then, lift the garage door all the way, move your car out of the garage, and manually shut the door. Be sure to reconnect the trolley to the release mechanism before leaving your home or you will be leaving your home insecure.

Another way to keep your home safe and garage door secure during a power outage is to install a side lock on the inside of your garage door. Once power is restored, you can remove the lock and re-engage your garage door opener.
Call Us Today
When you are ready to purchase a new garage door opener with a backup battery or need to install a backup battery, give our team at Starlite Garage Doors a call. Our friendly and knowledgeable phone staff can go over all options and pricing with you to ensure you get the best opener/battery for your home. We look forward to hearing from you!

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