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What Are Safety Sensors and Why Should You Test Them_

Garage doors have many parts that work together and allow the entire system to properly function. Each part is essential to the door’s operation, including the garage door sensors. Here is some information about your sensors and how you can maintain proper working order.
The Function of Garage Door Sensors
Sensors are a very important part of your garage door, especially for safety reasons. A few decades ago, the government passed a law which required the installation of these safety features in garage door systems. These features are also known as eye sensors. They are an essential device that prevents accidents from occuring.
Each side of your door contains a sensor which is found about 2 inches above the floor. These sync with your opener to stop the door from operating if any object or person is in the way. The laser will detect anything that prevents line of sight. The garage door will stop and roll back up.
How to Test The Operation of Photo Eyes
In order to maintain a constant level of safety, it is vital to test all the parts of your door. Checking the efficiency of your sensors are extremely important. Testing the operation of the photo eyes can easily be done with the following steps:
● First, push your door’s button to close the door. This will let you know how the door works. You will know the alignment is perfect if the door runs smoothly.
● Next, place an object in view of the beam. This will test whether the door will stop and roll up. If the photo eye sensors are working correctly, the door will stop and go up instead of close.
It is important to frequently test your sensors to keep you and your home safe. Be sure to contact a professional company to help you if you notice any issues with the sensors. These devices are essential for your safety. If the sensors are not working perfectly, it will lead to serious injury for you or a loved one.
Troubleshooting Broken Sensors
If you suspect broken sensors, there are troubleshooting steps you can take before calling for help. First, check to see if the sensor lights are flashing. If they are, this indicates a problem. Check the area around you for any noticeable obstructions.
If everything seems fine, try cleaning the sensors lens. If they are clouded, dirty, or scratched, this can prevent them from working properly. You can clean them with a cloth. If problems persist, a professional can adjust them to proper alignment.
Call Us For Assistance
Starlite Garage Doors can help you with your garage door sensors. Contact us right away if you think your sensors are broken. We will send a technician to your location and repair them right away. Let us keep your pets, children, and home safe with working photo eye sensors.

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