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Tips For Picking Out a New Garage Door

When you are looking to replace your garage door, we know it can be a difficult task, especially when you ask yourself if you should upgrade your door to a new one or repair the current door. Our team at Starlite Garage Doors has prepared some questions to ask yourself as well as the answers to these questions to help you make an informed decision about buying a new door or upgrading your existing door.
What is your home’s architectural style?
Victorian? Country-style? Bungalow? Regardless of the style of your home, a new garage door will complement the design: classic, rustic, or glass. Available in wood or metal, each material has its advantages and disadvantages.

If you are looking for a functional, maintenance-free garage door that is also stylish, know that it can be found. One important thing to consider is the design of your home. The garage door will occupy 30% to 40% of the frontage of your home, so it is important that both elements are harmonious in design.
What is your budget?
It is important to know your budget. One good thing to think about is that it is possible to replace a garage door for $1,000 or less. It would mostly depend on the style of windows you choose.

Another thing to think about is if you would like to add a row of windows or a door opener to your new garage door, this will incur additional costs. You will want to have a budget set for any additional items you may want to add.
Will a door opener be useful?
The door openers of today are on the cutting edge of technology. A new feature will allow you to open or close your garage door with your smartphone. Having a door opener is always a useful tool in the event of bad weather.
Do I need windows?
● Having windows in the garage door may be useful, especially if there are none in the garage.
● Which section should you add the windows? That is really a matter of personal selection, but consider how you use your garage and where they would be helpful to you.
● Most manufacturers will have a design studio where you can virtually try out different design styles and choose windows that will suit your taste.
● Remember to coordinate your new garage door with the front of your home. It may add some curb appeal to add the windows if your front door has windows.
What size will my garage door be?
Knowing the size of your door is an important thing. Do you have a single or a double door? If the garage is an addition to your home, you can choose your size and style. If our are upgrading existing doors, you will want to make sure you have accurate measurements from the beginning. Most manufacturers can build a custom size if your door frame is not a standard size.

A garage door expert will be helpful in helping to understand your specific needs. They can also help you make a choice based on your style preferences and budget. Contact your local expert today.

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