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The One Trick You Need To Make Your Garage Door Secure

If you have a garage door, then you need to be aware that people can break into your home. All it takes is a hanger and they can get your door open. Here at Starlite Garage Doors, we have a solution to help you secure your door.
How Someone Can Break Into Your Garage With a Hanger
Wonder how something as small as a hanger can make it possible for someone to break into your home? It’s simple, all you have to do is bend the hanger enough to grab ahold of the emergency release cord.

The emergency release cord is the string with a red handle that hangs from your track. When the cord is pulled, it releases the trolley from the track. This allows the door to open without the remote. A hanger is just small enough to get in through the crack of the doorway and reach the pull cord.
How To Keep Someone From Breaking In With a Hanger
In order to keep someone from using a hanger to break in, you need to reinforce the emergency release cord. To do that, all you need is a zip tie. Simply feed the zip tie through the hole at the end of the release lever and through the hole on the traveler. Pull the zip tie tight to prevent the breakin.
Other Ways to Secure Your Garage
Besides the zip tie trick, there are other safety measures you can put in place. These ideas include:

● Hang curtains in your windows- if you have windows in the garage, place curtains over the glass. If someone is trying to use a hanger to break in, this will make it more difficult for them to see.
● Add wood above the door frame- you can nail a piece of board above the door frame to prevent someone from being able to get a hanger inside the garage.
● Install motion sensor lights- an easy deterrent is proper lighting. Install motion sensor lights right in front of your garage door.
● Add a deadbolt to the inner door- as an added layer of protection to your home, install a deadbolt on the door that leads into your home from the garage.
● Install security cameras- putting a camera up in plain sight can protect your home. Many people won’t risk being caught on video.

These are a few ways we recommend that you make your home more secure. It is important to take at least one of these security measures.
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