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The Difference Between High Lift Doors and Vertical Lift Doors

If you have a warehouse or large storage building, you will likely need a vertical lift or high lift garage door. The team here at Starlite Garage Doors installs these types of doors on our customers’ buildings. We put together a quick explanation between the differences of these two types of doors so you can decide which one works best for you.
What is a Vertical Lift Garage Door?
A vertical lift door has is usually used in industrial buildings that are very tall. This allows the doors to open up against the wall, rather than moving along a track that is overhead. To help the equipment lower and lift, there are cables that are attached to the door that works in conjunction with the springs and opener to lift the door.
What is a High Lift Garage Door?
A high lift door is generally used on homes or in a building that has slightly raised ceilings. There is an additional piece of track that is attached above the door that allows it to lift higher before it rolls the door back on the tracks. This is great for homeowners that need a bit more clearance overhead in their garage.

This type of system operates very much like a standard garage door. Unlike the vertical lift, it hangs from a track that’s suspended over the garage ceiling.
What is the Difference Between The Two Types?
Since a vertical and high lift door opens up differently, they must have different cable drums. The cable drum on a vertical lift is flat, which is very different from a standard lift. The cable winds up close to the shaft.

A high lift drum is a combination of a standard and vertical drum. It starts out by winding the cable around the drum and moving towards the shaft. Then, the drum evens out and the cable wraps around the drum in the same place.

The reason these two types have different drum systems is to allow them to be properly balanced. Otherwise, the vertical or high lift door would not be able to open. The cables and springs create tension so that the opener can lift or close the door.
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