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Study Shows Garage Door Replacements Have a 98_ ROI

When homeowners are considering upgrades to their homes, the garage door upgrade is a common
choice. This is especially important for those who want to raise their property values. A recent study
showed that garage door replacements yielded a high ROI (return on investments). Here are some
reasons why.
Replacing the Door Adds Curb Appeal
Spending the time and money to update your home will not only attract attention, but it demonstrates to
others that you value your property. While other exterior upgrades will take several months to finish, a
new garage door replacement takes a day. Creating some curb appeal is easily accomplished by:
● Choosing a new door to compliment your home’s exterior
● Selecting a newer material
● Adding windows
● Choosing a new design and style

Take some time to research the designs and materials that will be compatible with your home. Also,
consider the region where you live. Depending on the climate, you will want adjust the insulation quality.
Increase of Property Value
A garage door replacement also yields a bigger ROI by increasing your property value. Your property
value is determined by many factors that are out of your control. However, you can control the upgrade
selection which raises the value. A new door will increase the value in areas such as:
● Decreasing energy costs – Your garage is a large opening in your home. Heat and cold can
easily escape through the garage. The insulation in new garage doors provides a tight seal to lock out
both summer heat and winter storms.

● Provide tax credits – There are many programs and companies that offer rebates and tax
credits to homeowners who make home upgrades.

● Lower maintenance and repairs – Older doors are worn out and require more money for
necessary repairs. You will spend more money repairing an old door. Along with preventative
maintenance, a newer garage door can last at least 30 years.

Replacing your garage door with a higher efficiency door saves both you and a potential buyer some
money. According to the study, it’s no surprise that garage door replacements yielded a 98% return on
Improves Your Security
A large number of new garage doors are installed with security systems. A modern garage door will
prevent a breach of security and keep your family safe. These doors have technology installation that
syncs to your Smartphone and alerts you to security issues. Crafted with a stronger seal, both the door
and windows stay secure.
Consider Your Budget
While taking the steps to receive a high ROI is a good decision, you also need to take your budget into
account. If you’re not careful, your budget will stretch very thin and you could end up paying more than
you need to.

Replacing your garage door is one of the best ways to increase energy efficiency and yield a high ROI.
There are many professional garage door companies that can help you through the process from start
to finish.

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