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Steps to Replace The Weather Stripping On Your Garage Door

Regular maintenance of your garage doors can keep problems from happening. When the weatherstrip gets cracked and dry, it can allow rain, weather elements, or even small rodents to get in. This piece also provides some insulation from hot and cold temperatures. Starlite Garage Doors recommends a yearly inspection of this part. A visual inspection of the entire length of the garage doors will make sure that no cracks or tears allow moisture into the garage.

Replacing this part is a fairly easy process. We put together DIY instructions you can do yourself in just a few hours. New rubber can be purchased at home improvement stores or even online. Follow these simple steps and you will be able to replace the part yourself!
Take The Track Off of The Garage Door

The bottom track is the part of the garage door that holds the stripping in place. Remove the screws holding the bottom track and the track should come right off. Rusted screws can be sprayed with a lubricant to help remove stubborn screws. Stuck screws may need to be removed with a saw. If you have to saw screws off, plan on replacing them with new screws.

Once the bottom track is off, remove the damaged rubber piece.
Get Rid of The Old Weatherstripping

The damaged piece should be removed fairly easily. If the weatherstripping does not easily come off, spray the lubricant on it and allow it to soak the surface for a few minutes. Once the lubricant has had a chance to work, it should be much easier to remove. Lubricant can be reapplied if necessary.
Remove Dirt From The Track
A clean track makes the installation of the new weatherstripping easier. Use a scrub brush or other stiff bristled brush and hot soapy water to remove dirt and foreign objects. Rinse well with a hose to so that no cleaning product is left behind. Allow the area to dry appropriately so it will be easier to install the new weatherstripping.
Put on The New Piece

Once the area is cleaned of dirt and debris, it’s now time to install new piece. Make sure you purchase the correct size strip because the incorrect size will be difficult to install. If it is too small, it will wiggle in the track. If it is too large, the product will be difficult to fit into the track.

The product should slide easily into the bottom track. If it’s not easily sliding, some dish soap can help the product glide more smoothly for a good installation.

Put The Bottom Track Back On

Once the new stripping is installed into the bottom track, it can be screwed back onto the garage door frame. New screws may be necessary to properly secure the garage door. Ensure the bottom track is screwed in all areas. That’s it!
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