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Steps to Install a Keypad on Your Garage

Have you been out of town and wished you were able to get your neighbor or a friend in your house? Maybe you’ve been stuck at work and your kids were waiting outside for you to get home? These are the times when a keypad on your garage door would be beneficial for your home.

The team here at Starlite Garage Doors has put together the steps you need to install a keypad.
1. Purchase The Right Keypad
The first thing you need to do is find out which model garage door opener you have currently installed. When you are searching for a compatible keypad, make sure it lists your make and model on the box. It is important to pick the right device, or it will not sync to your opener.
2. Find the “Learn” Button on the Opener
The garage door opener is the unit that hangs from the ceiling and pushes the door closed or pulls it open. Your unit will have a small square button somewhere on the back. If you have two lights, you’ll need to pull the cover down to find the button. If you don’t have a light, then it should be visible from the ground.
3. Look at the Color of Your Button and Read Those Instructions
There is more than one color learn button. You will need to look at your instructions and read the information about the color button you have. Some of those colors can include red, green, orange, or purple.
4. Come up With a Pin Number
You will need to come up with a four digit pin number to open the door with the keypad. We recommend that you don’t use anyone’s birthday that lives in your home. It will make it easy for someone to figure out your pin number if you use something that obvious.
5. Follow the Instructions to Program Your Pin
Look at the manufacturer’s instruction on how to program your colored button. The instructions will lead you through a sequence of which buttons to push in which order. Go through it slowly so you don’t miss a step.
6. Try the Button Out
Once you have gone through programming the pin number, you will need to try the button out. You can stand inside your garage and input the code if you would like. If it doesn’t work, go through the instructions again to program it.
7. Put the Keypad on The Garage Door Frame
Now that the keypad is fully functional, you will want to mount it on the garage door frame. Generally there are two screws that hold the keypads into place. Screw in the top one first and hang the keypad on it. The second screw goes through the bottom of the keypad.
Call Us to Install Your Keypad
The team here at Starlite Garage Doors can help you out if want us to take care of this installation. We can manage anything that has to do with your garage door. Call us now so we can get one of our team members out to your house.
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