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Steps on How to Lubricate Your Garage Door

Knowing how to lubricate your door helps the overall function. The team here at Starlite Garage Doors put together instructions on how to lubricate your garage door.
How Often Should You Lubricate Your Garage Door?

A lot of tips and methods can be done to make sure the door continues functional. Keeping your garage door parts lubricated every three to six months helps keep the door running smooth. The more often you lubricate the better.
How to Lubricate Your Door

Make sure you have what you need for the job. Start off by going to your local hardware store.
1. Get a paint brush and some motor oil. If motor oil is not sold there just ask if they suggest anything.
2. You might just end up having to go to the gas station and getting the motor oil. Next if you do not have one get a ladder or something stable to elevate to all parts of your door.
3. Wipe all the dust off the parts you will be lubricating. Pour motor oil into something you can dip your brush in. Take your time making sure everything is ready and tight.
4. Clean the door to get it ready to lubricate. Begin lubricating door from the inside. Go on to lubricating the outside.
5. Locate the ten rollers. These rollers will be located on each side of the garage door. Find the five on the outside of the door and the five on the inside of the garage door.
6. The rollers are needed to make the door function properly. Be sure to learn what each parts functions are. These parts work together to keep a smooth functioning garage door.
7. The springs work together with the rollers. Check the springs on the garage door. Your overhead door needs to stay functional.
8. Oil up the coil spring and five rollers on both sides of the garage. Be sure to lubricate the pivot points. Do not forget to lubricate the garage door spring.

A Few Tips For Maintenance

Lubricating keeps your garage door from rusting. Maintenance makes sure the springs do not get stiff. The weather plays a part in the number of times you lubricate.

When it is really cold outside it might cause your door to freeze. It shouldn’t stick shut. If it does you might need to put force into opening your door.

Raise the door to make sure the lubricant goes through all rollers and springs. When lubricating you will need motor oil and a paintbrush. Make sure you comfortably can reach each part of your door.
How Often Should You Maintain Your Door?
Usually, as proper maintenance, you want to lubricate the door every six months. Some people might do it as early as three months. Make sure that all the rollers and springs are lubricated.

Maintaining lengthens the life of the garage door. Test the door while you go. Listen for anything unusual. Look to see if everything is on track. The rollers should be running smoother after each time you lubricate.
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