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Safety Tips For Garage Doors

Have you noticed your garage becomes more cluttered year after year? Garages can be a very hazardous place. The more clutter and less organization can lead to injuries and accidently start fires. It is pertinent to start practicing garage safety moving forward. Garages store goods from paint to lawn care. If not stored properly, it can be a dangerous place.
Keep Tools Put Away

Many use the garage as a workshop and store sharp objects like nails, screwdrivers, and drills which can cause this area to be a danger zone if not put away for children and adults. We have tips to make sure the garage is tidy which decreases the risk of danger.

The key to a safer garage is organization, but keep in mind how easier and faster it will be to locate items. We welcome you to check us out at Starlite Garage Doors to ensure you are getting all the information on how to keep up your garage to be a danger free zone for the family.
Organize Your Garage For Safety

Unorganized garages are the leading cause of injuries. Messy garages are prone for accidents, hazardous spills of harsh chemicals that are combustible. Paint can spill, items can fall and cause damage, people can trip over things all due to lack of organization. Buying a few storage bins or shelves at your local store or any hardware store is the key to start organizing.

Let’s not forget, once everything is organized, it will be easier to locate the Christmas decorations and any other items you need.
Educate Your Children About Garage Door Safety
Garage doors haven’t always been automatic. Yes, they have become safer over the years just like cars didn’t always have seatbelts. This does not mean that with safer garage doors, accidents do not happen.

Children are more likely to be injured due to accidents by the garage door. They are tempted to play with the garage door opener and are not aware of the consequences and dangers this consists of. Instead of that, try to sit down with them and explain on how and when to use the garage door properly or not to touch it at all.

Make sure there are consequences if the garage door is treated like a toy for better understanding of why they should not play with the garage door. Also don’t forget to go over fire and safety rules with them.
Consider Weather Conditions

You may live in an area where hurricane season hits hard at home. Garage doors are commonly not as strong as the rest of the house structure. This can definitely lead to damage if safety precautions are not taken through high winds or severe storms. Keep in mind, better storage of those hazardous items (sharp and/or flammable objects) can decrease injury and fire.

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