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Picking The Right Garage Door Opener

Does it seem like your garage door is having a hard time opening? If so, you might need to install an opener that is more powerful. The team here at Starlite Garage Doors can come out and evaluate your opener to determine what you need.
Understand How Much Horsepower You Need
Before we help you choose an opener, we will look at how much horsepower you actually need. For example, an opener with more horsepower is certainly suggested for heavier doors. But also, we recommend higher horsepower in some cases for longevity.

Generally speaking, openers offer three different sizes which are determined by horsepower. These include:

1. ⅓ Horsepower
2. ½ Horsepower
3. ¾ Horsepower

All three of these have different benefits. For example, the ¾ is best for large or heavy doors. Many homeowners go with a ½ HP opener, even though a ⅓ can open any door as long as it is balanced properly. If the weight isn’t distributed correctly, it will wear out the motor.
Selecting the Drive
Just like the different types of horsepower, there are 4 basic types of drives on openers. You can either have:

● Belt Drive
● Screw Drive
● Chain Drive
● Jackshaft

The belt drive is what is generally used for attached garages. The chain drive and screw drive openers are not as quiet, which is why they end up being used for detached garages most often. A jackshaft is actually best for a commercial door.
Other Garage Door Opener Features
There are several other features on a garage door opener that you should consider. Many are wi-fi ready so it can pair with your phone. When you have a smart opener, it will allow you to download an app to work your door.

Other features include backup batteries and lights. We recommend that you always buy an opener that has a backup battery. This feature will keep you safe when your power goes out and you need to get out of the house. Without it, you’ll be left to open your 150-pound door without assistance. In the event of an evacuation or another emergency, you need don’t need to worry about how you are going to get your garage door opened.
Picking the Right Opener
There are many things to consider when choosing your opener. Our technicians can discuss with you the best options for your particular set up. If you have a carriage style door, they may recommend one type of opener over the kind that is generally used with traditional doors.
Call us Today For a New Opener
The team here at Starlite Garage Doors is always available to take your call. Get in touch with us now so we can send one of our experts over to your home. They will look at your current opener and determine the right replacement.

Call us now so we can help you. You can always expect us to show up when we say we will. We look forward to serving you!

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