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Keep Your Kids Safe Around Garage Doors With These Tips

Starlite Garage Doors wants you to enjoy your garage door system while keeping your children safe. Your garage is a beautiful addition to your home and it is important that you explain the danger to your children. Take the time to explain to your children how they can get hurt.
Keep Your Kids Safe
A garage door system is not a toy and can cause injuries if not used the right way. Your child will needs to know that they can not push buttons or play with the remote. What if the system was to malfunction and close on someone?

We know that your child probably will not understand everything, but it is best to tell them to not bother the garage door at all. An adult needs to be present if you allow them to close the door. We want your kids to stay safe at all times.
Service Your System
One of the best ways to be sure that your family can remain safe is by keeping the system serviced. When your system is serviced it keep the parts up to date and working properly. The tech will make sure that the safety eyes are aligned and everything is working correctly with the door.

Children can get carried away playing and forget to move away from the door when it is open. It is a good idea that your child not play directly under the door unless your system is serviced regularly. This will keep them out of harm’s way if something was to go wrong with the door.
Model Good Behavior
Your children will do everything they see you do. If you make it a habit to go under the door while it is opening, they likely will, too.

If you run under the door while it is closing after you hit the button, they may try that also. This could get someone hurt. The doors are designed to stop, but if something was blocking the eye on your door it would not go back up.
Understand The Safety Features
Most garage doors are now designed with safety features. Your door will roll back up if you bump the door as it rolls down. Your door will also stop and roll back up if something breaks the contact of the eyes.

You should tests these features out once a month just to be sure they are working right. You can use a brook handle to tap the door as it rolls down. You can also use a bicycle to be sure that the eyes are aligned and working correctly.
Call Starlite Garage Doors Today
Schedule an appointment with Quick Name. We will make sure to keep your garage system in good working order. We want our customers to be safe.

Remember that by keeping your system maintenance regularly that you are saving yourself the headache of an emergency. You are also keeping your family safer. Be sure to call us with any questions.

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