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Is My Garage Door Unbalanced__

If your garage door becomes unbalanced it can cause problems for your opener to do its job. Our team at Starlite Garage Doors is available to come to you and assess your garage door and make the necessary adjustments. We can also help you understand ways you can check your balance yourself safely.
Understanding Garage Door Balance
Spring systems are used in garage doors to balance the weight of your garage door. The springs will force the counterbalance to twist when opening or closing your door. If the springs become stretched or wound too tight, they can make your door unbalanced. This will prevent your garage door from opening or closing correctly.

If you notice a cable breaking or your door hanging to one side, it is not safe to use. If the cable breaks, it can cause the door to fall and will damage property or harm to yourself or children. If the door is unbalanced, it can cause the opener to malfunction and cause issues as well.
How to Identify an Unbalanced Door
You can usually tell if your door is unbalanced without needing a service call. Knowing what to look for can keep you from having a costly repair bill if the problem is caught in time. Here are some of the symptoms your door may be unbalanced:

● The door looks uneven – This can happen during closing or opening of your door.
● You hear a noise from the door – If the door is balanced, it is generally pretty quiet. If you hear a squeaky sound or other odd noise, the door could be unbalanced.
● The door seems to take longer to open or close – When your door is balanced, it will open and close somewhat quickly. So, if there is an issue, you will notice it getting slower.
● The opener won’t open or close the door – If your garage door doesn’t open or close at all, your door may be unbalanced.

Even the most untechnical homeowner will notice if the garage door seems to be unbalanced. These steps will help you get an idea of if your garage door is having balance issues.
Checking Your Door for Balance
If you suspect your door is unbalanced, there are some ways to check if it is true. There are a number of things that can happen to make your door unbalanced. Heavy use or long-term use are a couple of things.

Here are some steps to take to do an at-home balance test:
● Close the garage door from inside.
● Detach the opener from the garage door.
● Manually open and close your door.
● Carefully lift the door to the halfway point and let it go. If the door remains in place, you don’t have a balance issue. If the door forcefully slams, it is out of balance.

Once you have completed the balance test, you can reattach the opener.
Let us Help You
When you are having issues with your garage door balance, call Starlite Garage Doors! We are happy to help you answer any questions. We are excited to hear from you!

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