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Is it A Good Idea to Insulate Your Garage_

Have you ever wondered if insulating your garage would lower your energy bill? Now that garages are not just used to fix and store your cars, thinking about keeping that space warm or cool while you spend time in there is a must. Your team at Starlite Garage Doors has put together a list of reasons why you should.
You May Not Have a Choice
While insulating the attic space above your garage will see little to no effects on your energy bill, it may be a must to insulate the walls of your garage. In the case where your washer and dryer are stored there, without proper insulation in your garage during the winter months, there is a possibility your pipes may freeze.
You May Be Wasting Energy
If you use your garage space as more of an extension to your home (for your workout room, DIY projects, etc.), you more than likely will be coming in and out of your access door frequently. Without proper insulation, you will be allowing the cold air to seep into your home from the garage and warm air to escape from inside your home, wasting money. It will be easier to use the space year-round with it being insulated.
Protect Your Treasures
People often use their garage as a storage space for expensive equipment. Humidity can affect your valuables causing mold and rust to accumulate. With proper insulation, your treasures are well protected.
Room Above Garage
You will want to ensure the garage ceiling is insulated as well if you have a room above the garage, such as an office space or bedroom. It will be very hard to keep that room warm in the winter and cool in the summer without insulation.
Carbon Monoxide Protection
A majority of newer vehicles have the push-to-start capability. If you store your car in the garage and accidentally turn it on while the garage door is closed, carbon monoxide will begin to fill the space. Without proper insulation, the carbon monoxide will begin to seep into your home. Keeping a carbon monoxide detector inside your garage is also a very important tool to ensure your safety.

Don’t Forget Your Fourth Wall
If you decide to insulate the garage, don’t forget to also insulate your garage door. Since it is often as large as a wall and acts as a barrier from the elements, you would only be doing half the job by not insulating it.
Call Us For More Information
Whether you want to entertain guests or use your garage as your workstation, we can help you determine what will be the best option if you choose to insulate. The team at Starlite Garage Doors is ready to answer all your questions and help find the best fit for you. Call now to discuss your options and we can have a team out there for you promptly.

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