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How to Use a Garage Door in a Church Youth Room

When you think about garage doors, you probably only think about how they are used on garages and warehouses. However, there are ways you can use garage doors inside of a building. The team here at Starlite Garage Doors wants to share with you how you can use it inside of a youth room.
How to Use a Garage Door Inside of a Church Youth Room
Many churches move into old warehouses or business structures. Even if they build it from the ground up, they often go with warehouse type buildings to save money. For that reason, incorporating a garage door is simple.

Here are a few ways you can use them in your room:
Sunday School Class Dividers
If you have a large youth room that needs to be sectioned off, garage doors can be a good option. It would allow you to keep the bays open during meet and greet times, but then close them for Sunday School. Garage doors keep the sound out better than normal room dividers.
Cafe Doors
Large youth rooms that have a separate cafe would benefit from garage doors that close. This way, you can keep kids out of the cafe area when groups and activities are happening. This creates a more effective system of shutting down an area than a normal door.
Game Room Doors
The same principle as shutting off a cafe, you could do the same thing for a game room. Pool tables and foosball are great additions to any youth group. However, keeping kids out of those areas during times they are supposed to be somewhere else is a challenge.
Install Keypad For The Garage Doors
If you are going to install garage doors in your youth room, we recommend you use a keypad system. These are easy to install on the outside of a room and allows your leaders and select people to have the code to enter the rooms. You can also use hand remotes, but those can be hard to keep up with.
Consider Glass Garage Doors
A glass garage door may not cross your mind for a garage, but for a youth room, it would be a good investment. This allows you to see what classes are doing when the doors are closed. It’s also good for child safety. All classrooms are easy to see inside of from outside, which protects kids and teachers.

If you are installing them for a game room, a traditional metal door would work. For a cafe, you might want to consider wood. That would really add to the style of your youth room. With the number of customizations you can make, you can certainly get the look you need.
Call Today For Installation
If you are ready to install garage doors in your youth room, call the team at Starlite Garage Doors. We’ll send one of our professionals out to your church to talk about potential ideas. Our team will work with you to create the look and functionality that you need.

Call now so we can work on your room. We look forward to hearing from you.

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