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How to Turn Your Metal Garage Door Into a Faux Wood Door

Do you love the look of a wood grain garage door? The team here at Starlite Garage Doors can install a new wooden garage door for you. However, if you’re not ready to upgrade, you can create a faux wood grain look on your metal door. Use these instructions to help you.
Get Together The Painting Supplies
Before you get started, you will need to get together the supplies for the project. Here are the things we suggest you gather:

● 4 or 6 inch paint roller
● 3 inch paint brush
● Plastic sheet
● Masking tape
● Tray for the paint
● Sandpaper
● Gel stain of your choosing (we recommend you go with a matte finish over a high-gloss)

Once you have the items together, you will need to prepare your door for the paint job.
Sand and Clean The Surface
To help the paint stick better, you need to sand down the surface of the door. If you have rust on your door, be sure to cover it with a primer before staining. You will need to thoroughly wash down the surface and let it dry before applying the tape. If you have the ability to pressure wash the metal, we suggest you go with that method.

You should take the color stain you’ve selected and spot test it on the door. Paint over a small section to see how well it takes. You might determine that you need to prime the entire surface before painting.
Paint Using the Strie’ Technique
To start with, you’ll need to use a brush to paint the recessed sections of your panels. You can use the roller for the flat surface. Then you will need to go over the surface with your brush using the strie’ technique. To do this, you’ll need to wet down your roller or brush with water before putting it in the paint. Then, as soon as you paint on the surface, you’ll run a dry brush over it to remove some of the paint. You’ll want to create strokes that mimic a woodgrain.

To keep your brush dry between strokes, wipe it off with a dry cloth. You may need to have a few backup brushes in case the paint gets caked on too much.

Be sure to avoid overworking any section. Otherwise, you’ll end up with bare spots on your metal. It can be hard to do fill in those areas without disrupting the pattern you’ve worked to create.
Call Today if You Want a New Door
If you would rather upgrade your existing equipment to a wood material or a metal material that has a wood grain pattern, call the team at Starlite Garage Doors. We’ll send one of our technicians over to you to discuss a new style. Our friendly team can answer all of your questions so that you can make a good decision for your home.

Call now so we can help you. We look forward to hearing from you today.

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