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How to Spruce Up Your Garage Door With Paint

Do you have a metal or garage door? If so, painting your own garage door is a DIY you can show off to the neighbors. The Team here at Starlite Garage Doors have put together a step by step guide to painting your garage door.
1. Clean The Garage Door Surface
It is very important that you clean the surface of your garage door and not just a little wipe down. If you have a metal door any all purpose cleaner is suitable, but if it is wood you will need a cleaner specifically made for wood. You will want to use a soft cloth for this.
If there is stuck on dirt and grime apply the cleaner in its concentrated form directly to the soiled area. You can come back over the surface after letting it break down the dirt for a moment.
2. Remove All Old Paint For a Long Lasting Paint Job
If the garage door was painted previously you are going to want to remove as much of it as you can. You will want to use a metal brush or a stiff bristled brush that will allow the paint to loosen up and come off as much and as easily as possible. Doing this will allow your paint job to last a lot longer and look much smoother.
3. Prime the Garage Door
Next you are going to want to apply a primer to your garage door just how you would inside your home. The difference is that your garage door is exposed to many elements and harsh weather so you cannot get around this step, it’s a must. If your door has rust on it use a primer with zinc phosphate, the drying time is about 16 hours but it will be worth it.
Make sure that you allow the primer to dry before applying your color. Read the can of primer for specific instructions about drying times. It could take anywhere from 12-24 hours for this part of the process so make sure to plan accordingly.
4. Now For The Color You’ve Been Waiting For
This is the fun part, you get to see your chosen color come to life on your new and improved garage door. Once the primer has dried you will apply your final color. Let the paint dry and if it is not a very thick paint you will want to go over it again after the first coat has completely dried.
Garage Door Painting Tips You Will Be Glad You Knew
If after reading steps one through four you are still up for painting your garage door you will want to use the last few tips:
● You get what you pay for so we suggest you use a high-quality paint.
● Your eyes are very important, use safety goggles when scraping the paint.
● If your garage door has windows or it is right near windows on your home cover them with a plastic trash bag.
● Razor blades are perfect for scraping off paint around windows.
● The heat of the day is not a good time to paint your garage door. The direct sunlight can heat your door up causing some serious and unnecessary issues.
This project will take you anywhere from 2-4 days of steady work. Be aware of which step will be completed when. Starting early in the morning right after sunrise will alleviate any heat issues. Then you can allow it to dry and apply the next coat the next morning.
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