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How to Replace The Battery Backup In Your Opener

Do you have a garage door opener that has a battery backup? If so, you will need to replace the backup battery at some point. The team here at Starlite Garage Doors put together instructions to help you make the replacement.
How to Know When To Replace Your Battery
There are a few indicators that it is time for you to replace the backup battery in your opener. Most openers will beep the same way a smoke detector will beep when it’s time to replace the batteries. Also, there is an indicator light that will show you that the battery is getting low.
How to Replace the Battery
It is fairly easy to replace your own battery. Here are the steps you need to take to make the repair.
1. Get The Supplies
Gather everything you need to replace the battery. Look at your owner’s manual to see what size battery you need for your opener. Get a ladder and a screwdriver to open the battery compartment.
2. Unplug the Opener
Before you do anything on your opener, you should always unplug it. Even if it is as simple as changing the battery, you should not work on it while it is plugged in.
3. Open the Light Cover
Pull down the cover that protects the light. This means you will need to have a flashlight or use another light source to see what you are doing.
4. Remove The Battery Compartment Cover
Use the screwdriver to remove the battery compartment cover. Pull the old battery out and disconnect the red and black wire from it.
5. Connect The Wires to The New Battery
Get the new battery and connect the wires to it. Make sure you match up the red wire with the red terminal and the black wire with the black terminal.
6. Replace The Battery
Put the new battery back in its place and screw the cover back on. Make sure that the wires are completely inside of the compartment to keep them from getting pinched.
7. Check the Indicator Light
If the new battery is installed the right way, the indicator light will be green. It will likely flash at you to let you know that it is charging. Check back the next day to make sure it is solid green. Normally it takes 24 hours to fully charge.

You shouldn’t hear any beeping after the installation is complete. If you are still hearing beeping noises, then it could be something else that is wrong with the opener.
8. Test the Battery
Once the battery has had time to charge, test it to make sure it is working. Unplug the opener and then use the remote to open the door. It is not unusual for the door to run slower if the battery isn’t fully charged.

You can plug the opener back in and use like normal. Generally, you will need to replace the backup every year or two. Keep an ear out for it so that you are not left in a bind if you need to use the backup system.
Call Us For Help
If you need one of the techs here at Starlite Garage Doors to come out and make the replacement, we can do that for you. Our technicians can get the battery needed for your opener and do the replacement today. Don’t wait to call us. We are ready to help you.

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