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How to Remove an Old Garage Door

There are several reasons that you may need to remove an old garage door. If you are considering turning your garage into a living space, you will need to remove it to seal up the hole. If you are considering a new door, the old one will need to be removed.

It is not recommended that you take down a door that has a torsion spring. This part holds tension and can cause fatal damage if the tension breaks and causes the door to fall on you. Our technicians are more than happy to come out and remove your old door if needed.

However, if you have extension springs, the team here at Starlite Garage Doors has a few tips to help you.
1. Get The Necessary Supplies
Before you start taking apart your door, you will need to get together the tools for the job. Here are the things you should find:

● Pry bar
● An adjustable wrench
● Clamps (at least 2)
● Hammer
● Pliers
● Screwdriver
● Ladder

This is not a one person job. Make sure you have someone that can help you take the equipment apart. There will be parts during the disassembly that you need someone to hold the door up.
2. Release The Door From The Trolley
There should be an emergency release cord in the center of your garage. When you pull it, it will release the door from the trolley on the automatic opener. If you no longer need the opener, you can go ahead and take it down now. If you are removing the door, but plan to replace it, leave the opener in tact.
3. Take the Springs Down
It is very important that you do not mess with torsion springs. Be sure to call our team if you realize your springs are not extension. Before removing the springs, clamp the door to the tracks. The springs play a key role in keeping the door in place.
4. Disassemble the Panel
Starting at the top panel you will need to unscrew the brackets. Unscrew each panel from the brackets one at a time and get them out of the way. This is where you will need one or two helpers to hold the panels while you unscrew them.
5. Take Down the Door Jambs
If you are planning to cover the hole, you will need to remove the door jambs. Use your hammer and the pry bar to pull the metal and wood down. Skip this step if you are planning to have a new door installed.
Call Our Team of Professionals For Help
We have a team of professionals that are available to help you remove your old door. The technicians here at Quick Name are specialists in the industry. We can send someone out to your home right away to help you with your project.

If you want a new door installed, we can take care of that for you as well. We handle the full disassembly and reassembly for you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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