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How to Program a Garage Door Remote(1)

An automatic garage door opener proves to be a great help to you if own a home. This small device allows you open your door whether you’re inside or outside. There will be times when you wish to re-program your remote. Here’s how you can do that.
Programming Your Remote and Keypad System
Depending on whether you have a remote, keypad system, or both, here the steps you need to re-program. You have the ability to do this when you need.
Keypad System
If you have a keypad system, (both keypad and remote) here is what you need to do:
1. You will need a ladder that will reach the door’s opener in the center of the garage.
2. Locate the button on the opener that reads, “learn.” If you press and hold down the button until the light right next to it clears, this action will erase your old code.
3. Next, push the “learn” button again and type in your desired code.
4. Finally, get your remote and push the button on it until the light flashes.
You new code is now programmed in both the keypad and the remote.
Remote Only
If you only have a remote only system, here is how you can reprogram it.
1. First, take off the remote control’s cover.
2. Next, get a ladder to locate the garage opener, which is probably in the center of the garage.
3. Then, find the switches on both the remote and the opener.
4. Finally, create a new and identical pattern with the switches.
When you’re finished, test it out to ensure everything is working.
What To Do If The Re-programming Isn’t Working?
Your remote may not work after reprogramming. There are various reasons this may occur. Check to see if the remote is brand new and compatible with your current system. If you purchase a remote, it should be compatible or it won’t work.
This is a common reason with re-programming problems. You can also troubleshoot the issue at home with some basic steps. However, be aware that not all steps will work for every type of remote.
Basic Troubleshooting
If your system is still not working, there are some troubleshooting techniques you can perform. These steps are:
● Replace the batteries – they could be dead
● Reset the remote – sometimes it needs a simple reset
● Reset the opener – this could help after a reprogramming to allow the system to read the new code
● Clean the eye sensors – the garage door will have trouble operating if the sensors aren’t working.
If none of these things are working, something else could be wrong that has nothing to do with the re-programming.
We Can Work On Your Remote
If you still can’t get your remote to work, call Starlite Garage Doors right away. Our technicians will come to your location and troubleshoot the remote problems. They will identify any other issues that are keeping your remote from operating. Call us anytime.

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