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How to Program a Garage Door Remote

Are you needing Starlite Garage Doors to help you program garage door opener without a tech? Have no fear because we’re always here to help. This guide will assist you in programming some of the most popular garage door openers on the market.
If you’re programming the Chamberlain Security Plus transmitters, all you need to do is find the “smart” button on your garage door unit first. You’ll then push then remove your finger from the button. Once that’s done, it should have a steady glow for 30 seconds to indicate it is starting to come on.

During this time you’ll want to press either a red or purple learn button depending on what type of model you have to get everything in sync. This can be found close to the terminal strip and should be pressed within 30 seconds to have everything activate. Releasing the button will mean your system now knows the code.

If not done correctly you’ll hear two clicks indicating the light bulbs aren’t installed.
If you have a Liftmaster with a keypad, we promise things aren’t as complicated as they seem. The first step to programming your new garage door opener is to press on the “smart” button and let it shine consistently for 30 seconds. When you have that steady glow, plug in your desired four-digit code and hold down the enter button.

If you see it start to blink, that’s a good sign! That means you are programmed and ready to go so it’s okay to release the enter button at that time. But, if there is anything not properly connected such as the light bulbs, you’ll hear two clicks.
Now programming a Genie garage door remote is a little different from the others. First, you’ll need to locate the receiver learner code on the power head receiver for your garage door opener. It is typically right above the indicator light next to the light bulb.

Second, you will want to press the receiver learner code button once you have found it and make sure the indicator light blinks for around 30 seconds. After you’ve pressed the learner button, press the transmitter button exactly three times for your system to sync.

Lastly, press the transmitter button for a fourth time to make sure everything is working correctly and you’re done!
Before we get started programming your Homelink garage door opener system, go ahead and clear out everything that was previously programmed. That way there will be nothing interfering with your new program.

Once everything is clear and we’re to a fresh start, you need to decide which button you want to be your in-garage door transmitter. If and when you have that decided, hold the transmitter down next to the selected button simultaneously with the garage door remote. When the in-garage light is flashing rapidly then you have done it right.

So, you’ve set up the transmitter successfully, but what about the rest of the program? To make the transmitter your personal transmitter go to the learn button on your garage door opener. You will find this button next to the antenna. When you find it, push it down and make sure the light is consistently lit or blinking.

Depending on your remote you’ll either have to push the button a couple of times or use a keypad to program your code then you’re done. That concludes our tutorial on how to program a garage door opener.
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