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How to Open Your Garage Door if The Power Goes Out

How to Open Your Garage Door If the Power Goes Out
Think of how many times your garage door opens and closes in just one day. Garage doors are one of the most frequently used items in your home. Would you know how to open the garage if there was a power failure or if your garage malfunctioned? Hopefully, you’re never put in this situation, but if you are, it’s important to know how to manually open your door.
How to Manually Raise the Garage Door
Prior to doing anything, you need to make sure your garage door is fully closed. Once this has been confirmed you can move forward with disconnecting the garage door opener. Pull the emergency cord that hangs from the center rail of the garage. The cord is usually red and easy to spot.

You can now proceed with lifting the garage manually. Lift the door straight up until it has fully opened. It’s important to make sure the door will remain raised once you let go of it. Never leave the door half open as it could easily roll down and cause injuries or damage.

If the garage door is functioning properly, and the springs are balanced the door should lift rather easily. Use the handles to make lifting the door easier. If you notice there’s a lot of tension or have difficulty in raising the door it’s best to give your garage door company a call. A technician will come out and inspect the door and determine what’s causing the issue.

How to Manually Close and Lock the Garage Door
Once you’ve gotten your vehicle out of the garage, or whatever it is you needed, it’s now time to manually close the door. Make sure the door is closed all the way and then proceed with locking it. You can manually lock the door by sliding the lock bar. It’s imperative that you unlock the door prior to opening it once the power is back on. Failure to do so can cause major damage.

When the power comes back on it’s now time to reconnect the garage door opener and unlock the door. It’s a good idea to test the door to make sure it’s working properly and ready to go.

A Few Tips
One way to avoid having to manually open your door during a power outage is by investing in an opener with a backup battery. These will definitely come in handy when there’s a storm or a power outage and you have somewhere to go. The backup battery allows your garage door to continue functioning as it normally would. The LiftMaster Evercharge is a popular model that offers this feature. Contact Starlite Garage Doors for more details.

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