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How to Know Which Size Torsion Spring To Buy

How to Know Which Size Torsion Spring To Buy

The springs on your garage door are an important part of the assembly. They are responsible for making the door work properly. If the springs break, be sure and replace them to prevent damage to your system.
If you’re not sure how to replace the springs on your door, be sure to call your local expert right away. The team at Starlite Garage Doors has some advice on how to choose the right springs for your door.
How Is Torsion Different From Tension?
There are usually two different springs for your garage door. These are torsion and tension springs. Torsion springs turn and they do not completely stretch out when the door opens and closes. Tension springs completely expand and then shrink when the door operates.
Torsion springs last longer and are more durable than tension springs. These springs allow better control over the door. If they break, it’s time to get a replacement.
Choosing The Right Size
How do you know which size is right for your door? There are a few steps you need to take when choosing the right size torsion spring.
Check The Direction It Moves
Before you begin, you need to see which way the springs wind. They will move either right or left. The coil is moving left if the end is on the bottom. Be very careful to keep your hands away from the springs when you’re checking out this area.
Take Measurements
The next step is to measure the length, diameter, and wire size of the springs. The spring doesn’t need to unwind for you to measure.
● Length – Just measure from the first coil to the last. Be careful not to touch the screws.
● Diameter – It is hard to measure the inner diameter. To make it easier, check for an ID number inside the coils.
● Wire size – Measure the coil length. Using a tape measure, wrap it around the first few coils and extend the tape up to the 10th or 11th coil. Make sure the coils are as tight as possible. This very important step determines the length of the spring.
If the spring is broken, you’ll need to measure the wires a different way. Measure each broken piece using the tape measure and coil it around the first coil up to the 10th. Then, round-up the measurement. For example, if you measured 12 ¾ inches, round-up to 13 inches.
Consult A Size Chart
The last step is to check out a garage door spring size chart. This helpful tool will guide you in the correct measurements for your springs. A size chart looks something like this:
Length of 20 coils Wire size
2 ½ .125
2 ¾ .135
2 ⅞ .142
3 .1483
3 ⅛ .1562
3 ¼ .162

This is not a complete spring size chart. Use this type of chart after you take all of the above measurement types.

When your springs break, we recommend that you contact your local expert right away. A professional will come to you and measure the springs. The team at Starlite Garage Doors is always here to answer your questions about torsion spring repair and installation.

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