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How to Fix a Broken Garage Door Hinge

Are the hinges on your garage door squeaky or rusting? They may be getting worn out and ready to be replaced. The team here at Starlite Garage Doors can assist you in changing out the garage door hinges or giving you the added support to tackle the job yourself.
Garage Door Hinges 101
The most basic question is, which part of the door is the hinge? This is the metal fastener that holds your door panels together and allows them to bend where they’re joined. Most modern doors will be constructed with panels, versus the solid sheet doors without openers that we used to see regularly.
If your hinges have become loose or worn out, it can allow your panels to sag. There are a few different types of hinges, so when you are shopping for new ones, it is helpful to take your old hinge to the home improvement center to insure you buy the correct hinge.
Location of the Hinges
You will have hinges down the left and right side of your door and also down the middle. There will typically be three rows of hinges holding the panels in place. To keep the hinges organized, they are numbered 1 through 10 or even higher depending on the height of your garage door. Keep in mind that you will always be replacing a #1 hinge with another #1 hinge.
Replacing Your Hinges
It can be dangerous to replace parts of your garage door because of the heaviness and tension of the parts. But the hinges are not as difficult as springs or cables. You must be sure to install them correctly, however, so that they will operate properly and not be out of alignment.
Finding the Hinge that Needs Replaced
If you have only one broken hinge, this determination is easy! You will want to note the number of the hinge or hinges that need to be replaced.
The hinges are ordered in this way-
● On either the right or left side of the door, the first hinge at the bottom is the lift bracket. It will lift the cable and spring. Before removing this hinge, you MUST remove the tension.
● The second hinge up will be numbered 2 and so on. The middle section of hinges are all #1’s.
● The Top Roller Carrier is located at the very top of the garage door. While this is not a hinge, it is a part that you need to be familiar with.
As we stated earlier, it is best to take the old hinge with you to the store when making the new purchase.

Beginning the Hinge Repair
To make your replacement easier, keep these tips in mind:
1. Partially raise the garage door so the hinges will be within reach.
2. Turn off power to the opener.
3. Fasten the garage door in place using C-clamps.
4. Remove the screw and nuts from the hinge.
5. While tilting the hinge and roller assembly, remove the hinge.
6. Separate the roller from the hinge. You may wish to replace the roller also.
7. On your new hinge, attach the roller shaft.
8. Spray the rollers with lubricant.
9. Attach the hinge assembly back onto the garage door.
10. Tighten down bolts and remove clamps.
11. Check the door for smooth operation.
Call Starlite Garage Doors for Assistance
If you need help in making the repair or want our experts to do the job, we are ready! Give the team here at Starlite Garage Doors a call so we can schedule a time.

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