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How to Find the Limit Swith On Your Garage Door Opener and Adjust it

When your garage door won’t open all the way or close all the way, it could be a problem with the limit
switch on your opener. If this is happening to you, you can use the instructions we have put together for
you. The team here at Starlite Garage Doors helps our customers by adjusting their doors using the up or down
limit switch.
What is a Garage Door Opener Limit Switch?
A limit switch is a mechanism that tells your door how far to travel up and how far to travel down. When
the switch is not set properly, it will keep the door from opening all the way or it will try to close and end
up opening back up because it hits the ground. In order for your door to function the proper way, the
switches must be adjusted correctly.
Where is the Limit Switch Located on Your Opener?
Many garage door opener units have the up and down limit switch located on the side of the opener. If
you don’t see it on the side of your opener, it is likely located next to the “learn” button. You may need
to open the light cover to find the switches.

There will be two knobs on your opener. One is used to control how far the door opens, and known as
the up limit switch. The other is used to control how far your door closes, and is called the down limit
switch. There should be a direction arrow on each knob to indicate which way to turn the knob for the
How to Adjust the Switches
Generally speaking, you will turn the up limit switch clockwise one turn for every 3 inches you need to
go up. For the down limit switch, you will turn it counterclockwise one turn for every 3 inches you need
to go down.

If there is a gap when you close the door, you will need to measure how big the gap is. That will give
you a good idea of how many times you need to turn the switch. You can use that same principle if you
need to adjust how far your door opens. Measure from where the door stops to the top of the door jam.

We recommend that you make the adjustment in small increments. Every time you make an
adjustment, check to see how much further you need to go. You may need to turn it back the other
direction if you have over corrected the adjustment.
Call Today For Garage Door Adjustments
If you need help adjusting your door, the team at Starlite Garage Doors can help you. Call us now so we can
send one of our technicians over to your home. They will make the necessary adjustments so that your
door opens and closes the correct way.
We look forward to hearing from you! We’ll come out today and make the adjustment so your door
opens and closes the right way.

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