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How to Find A Quality Company to Install Your Garage Door

Here at Starlite Garage Doors, we install new garage doors for our customers on a regular basis. Having your new door installed the right way is important, which is why we recommend you have it done professionally. A door that is improperly installed can cause damage to your opener, tracks, and equipment.

If you are searching for a quality company to do the installation, this is what you need to know:
Are The Technicians Trained?
We only send technicians that have been trained by us to our customer’s homes. A trained tech will know how to work with all garage door brands. No matter which model you purchase, a skilled worker can make the installation.

We recommend that you only use professional garage door repair companies for your installations. Since your door is shipped in pieces, it will need to be assembled on site. Once the technician has put it together, they will balance the door. Also, they will make sure that it is working properly.
Are They Recommended?
Check customer reviews for the company to find out what others say about their services. You can learn a lot about a company based off of customer feedback. Many people rely on reviews, before using a company.

You can also ask for recommendation from your friends or family. Facebook and the Nextdoor app are both good places to ask around.
Is The Phone Staff Knowledgeable About Garage Doors?
A good company will make sure that all of their staff are trained and knowledgeable about the industry. The person you talk to on the phone should be able to answer your questions or find the answer for you quickly. You should be able to get a good idea of what it will take to have a new door installed.
Do They Honor Their Advertised Specials?
Businesses that have the customer’s best interest in mind will honor pricing and specials on their website. Be sure to ask the person who answers the phone about any web coupons you see listed. They should give you instructions on how to redeem the coupon or take advantage of the special pricing.
Do They Keep You Informed?
When you call a company for work, they should be able to let you know when the technician will arrive. Our team aims to arrive about an hour after you place your call. They’ll even call you ahead of time to let you know they are on the way.

A quality garage door company will let you know what to expect and keep you up to date if things change. They work hard to serve their customers well.
Call Today For Reliable Garage Door Installation
If you need your garage door installed, call Starlite Garage Doors today. We will get a technician out to you that knows what they are doing. We work hard to serve our customers with care. You can count on us to do a good job on your home.

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