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How to Cool Down Your Garage in The Summer

Even though the summer is coming to a close, we are still hitting high temperatures around here. Your garage can really heat up when it is hot out. The team at Starlite Garage Doors has a few ideas of how you can cool down your garage in the summer.
Install a Window Style Air Conditioner
You can set a window style air conditioner on the garage floor in much the same manner as a space heater. You’ll need to vent the heat outside in much the same way as your clothes dryer vents. There will normally be an adapter kit included with the air conditioner to vent the hot air out of a window, or cut a whole in a wall for the vent.

Floor air conditioners are available as single vent or dual vent. A single vent pulls hot air already in the garage, cools it and sends the heat outside through the vent.This creates uneven air pressure that will cause the garage to pull more hot air from the outside into the garage to equalize that pressure, which brings more heat in as well as dust.

A dual vented air conditioner will have two vents. One vent pulls air from the outside in, the other venting the hot air out. It will stop the uneven air pressure, but is also more expensive.

The other problem with using a window style air conditioner is the humidity. If your air is quite humid you might also need a drain, or be prepared to empty the drain air conditioners reservoir frequently.
Get the Air Moving With a Fan
Floor fans can be used to get the hot air moving. If you are in an area of the country frequently getting high temperatures consider installing ceiling fans. Take a good look at your garage and take into consideration the height of your ceiling, and the space needed for your garage door and opener.
Permanent Air Conditioner Installation
Cut a hole in the garage wall to install a window air conditioner as a permanent installation.
Attic Vents
Install attic vents over the garage. Combined with fans or the air conditioner they will give your garage the air flow it needs to move the heat out.
Insulate The Garage Door
Install insulation on your garage door or consider replacing your current garage door with an insulated garage door. Without an insulated door the heat will continue to beat its way in, so you’ll be fighting a constant battle to cool the garage. While it may cost more initially than the other options, you’ll see significant savings in your energy usage when compared to the other options.

Call one of our team members here at Starlite Garage Doors to see what type of insulated door is right for your home. All of the other alternatives try to cool the hot air once it is inside your garage. Insulating the door stops heat from getting in to begin with. The type of door you choose
may qualify for Federal or State energy rebates or tax credits and the decreased energy usage will also reduce your energy bills.

Don’t hesitate – call Starlite Garage Doors now! Garage doors are what we do every day. If this is the right choice for you we can have a new insulated door installed in an afternoon. So don’t wait, call us to beat that heat!

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