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How to Choose a New Garage Door Opener

If your old garage door opener has had it and you need to replace it, there are many options on the market. The team here at Quick Name replace openers for our customers when they ask us. We educate them on the different types of openers available so they can make a good decision.

Here is what you need to know about choosing a new garage door opener.
There Are 4 Basic Opener Designs
There are 4 basic garage door opener designs on the market. Each of these designs uses a different method to move the door up or down on the tracks.

Here is a look a the different types:
Chain Drive
A chain drive uses a motion that is like the chain on a bicycle. The metal chain pushes and pulls the trolley up and down the tracks. This type of drive tends to be noisier than the other models. It is recommended that chain drives are used for detached garages.
Screw Drive
The screw drive doesn’t use a belt or chain to move the trolley. The door operates when the screw turns. Many people like this option because it is easy to install and maintain.
Belt Drive
A belt drive is similar to a chain drive, only quieter. Since the trolley is moving across rubber, it cushions the sound. These are a more expensive option, but better for those with an attached garage.
The jackshaft opener functions completely different than the other opener types. Instead of being located on the ceiling, it is installed on the wall beside the door. It is most often used for garages with high ceilings, like warehouses.
Which Drive is Right For Your Garage?
The most common openers that are installed are either belt drive or chain drive. However, there are instances when a jackshaft or screw drive are your best options. For example, the screw drives is simple and make it easy for someone to install themselves. However, they are not as quiet as the belt drives and we don’t recommend you put it in an attached garage.

We recommend that if you have an attached garage with standard ceilings that you choose a belt drive opener. Even though it costs more, it offers a quieter operation.
Additional Features to Consider
Not only do you need to consider the type of operation that is best for you home, but there are features you want to think about on a new opener. Some of these features include:

● Battery backups
● Wi-fi ready
● Lights
● Rolling code security technology
● Safety sensors
● Parking assist module
● Carbon-monoxide sensors
● Remote access and monitoring
● Keyless entry keypad

New models come with many different features for you to think about. If you have any questions about these options, please let us know.
Call us Today to Install a New Opener
If you need the team here at Quick Name to come out and install a new opener for you, please call us right away. We’ll get a technician out to your location so that they can inspect your current system and provide you with the information you need about a new one. We are happy to take care of you today.

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