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How to Adjust the Up and Down Limit Switch On Your Garage Door Opener

If you’re having trouble operating your garage door, there could be a number of reasons why. One of those reasons is the limit switch. Starlite Garage Doors has a few tips on how to correct this common problem.
What Is A Limit Switch?
The limit switches allow you to adjust the function of your garage door. There is the up switch and the down switch. They signal the opener’s motor to open and close.

Most devices need an adjustment when they’re not working well. The garage door opener is the same way. Limit switches look like two white knobs and you can usually find them on the garage door tracks.

If the limit switches are not set properly, your door won’t open and close correctly. They can also interfere with the safety devices on the garage door. The best way to fix this issue is by adjusting the switches.
How To Tell If It Needs An Adjustment
The best way to see if your opener needs an adjustment is to test it out. Start by opening the garage door and watch it as it opens and closes. If the door stops halfway, the up switch probably needs an adjustment. Measure the distance from the opened door to the ground. You’ll use this measurement when it comes to adjusting the switch.

If you want to see whether there’s an issue with the down switch, close the garage door and watch it carefully. If the door doesn’t close, you’ll need to fix the down switch. Check the height of the gap between the door and the ground and record the measurement for later.
How to Adjust The Switches
You’ll need a ladder and a flat-head screwdriver to adjust either switch. Place the ladder directly under the garage door opener and find the motor. You’ll also need your measurements you recorded earlier.
Up Switch
If you need to adjust the up switch, use your screwdriver and place it in the switch screw. Turn the screw clockwise. You’ll turn it once per 3 inches you measured before. For example, if your door has a gap of 12 inches, you’ll turn the screw 4 times.
Down Switch
If you need to adjust the down switch, place the screwdriver in the down screw. Turn it counterclockwise. You’ll need to turn it once per 3 inches for the gap you measured earlier. This method is the same as adjusting the up switch except for the direction you’re turning the screw.
What Happens After You Adjust the Switch?
After you’ve adjusted the proper switch, it’s time to test out the door. If you close the door and it goes back up, adjust the down switch again one turn at a time. Keep testing it until the door closes without going back up.

After the door is back to normal, check the safety sensors to make sure they’re still working. Also, look to see if the lights are flashing. If the safety lights are flashing, engage the emergency cord release. This will open and close the door.
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