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How a Spring Creates Counterbalance For Your Garage Door

If you didn’t realize, a garage door is a heavy piece of equipment. A residential door could weigh as much s 150 pounds. If that’s the case, then how can you easily open the door? Counterbalance. Your system has springs that are able to provide counterbalance so you and your garage door opener can easily open it.

So how does the counterbalance work? The team here at Starlite Garage Doors put together a quick guide to help you understand. It’s very important for you to learn the function of garage door springs. When they break, it can put you and your family at a safety risk. This is why we recommend you only use a professional to replace broken springs.
How a Garage Door Spring Creates Counterbalance
There are two types of garage door springs- torsion and extension. Both have the same function; to create counterbalance. For example, a torsion spring rotates creating a force known as torque. When it rotates, it sends energy down to the drums that are on either side of the door.

The torque that reaches the drums provides a rotational force. Then, the drums move causing a linear force that goes down the length of the door.
How Garage Door Cables Work
Many residential doors have cables attached to the bottom of the door on both sides. The purpose of the cables is to push the door up when the opener runs or you manually lift it. It is much easier to push the heavy equipment up rather than pull it. Think about how much easier it is to push a heavy grocery cart versus pulling it.

It isn’t necessary for the cables to be attached to any other point on the door. Once the bottom panels start to rise, the other panels will follow the tracks.
The Tracks Provide Support
As the panels start to rise, they will be supported by the door. Let’s say we put a scale on the ground and let the door rest on it. It would register somewhere around 150 pounds with the full weight. However, because the panels rest on the tracks for support, the door becomes lighter as it opens.
Why It’s Dangerous to Change Your Own Springs
Since garage door springs are designed to wind up and create tension, it can be very dangerous to you and others when that tension breaks. For one, a torsion spring could be shot across the room from the force. While extension springs aren’t susceptible to that, there is still the danger of working with heavy equipment. When your springs are not working properly, you will have the full weight of the door to work with.
If your springs break, we recommend that you do not try to lift your door. If it is already open, do not close it either. Call our team of professionals right away so we can send someone out to help you. Our technicians are standing by to help with emergency calls. A broken spring is definitely a time when you need to get someone out ASAP.

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