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If you are feeling overwhelmed with all of the garage doors out there, then give Starlite Garage Doors a call. You will find that our team in Indianapolis is quite knowledgeable when it comes to garage doors. We partner with several garage door manufacturers that we feel offer a quality, reliable, and affordable product.

We Can Help You Pick Out a New Door

There are so many things to consider and a garage door can be a huge investment. A great place to start is to figure out which style fits your home best. The main styles of garage doors:

  • Carriage House: This style is a modern twist on the first garage door. When people started driving motor carriages in the early 1900’s, they needed a place to park them since they didn’t have roofs and the natural option was to just put them where they put their carriages, in the carriage house. These buildings had a large, heavy wooden swing out door. Today, you can find that carriage house look in many different materials to add that rustic charm to your home.
  • Traditional: These are the most popular doors you will see out there as they go with the design of most homes. They come in either short panel or long panel as well as raised or recessed panel. Most also have a variety of window styling options you can add.
  • Modern: These are typically aluminum and glass and offer that modern look to any home

Next, Pick Your Material

After you decide which style goes with your home, pick out the material you want:

  • Steel: The most common material on the market. The go-to choice for residential home builders because steel is durable, low cost, and easy to maintain.
  • Aluminum: This lightweight material is a common choice in modern designs. These doors are rust and corrosion resistant and you will typically see aluminum paired with glass for a contemporary look
  • Wood: These offer that warm finishing touch to any home. You can even custom design your own doors and have a wood artisan hand craft your design for a truly custom garage door. The one downside to wood is that it is prone to warping and splitting and requires more maintenance.
  • Fiberglass: A good choice for coastal cities as the fiberglass is weather resistant in that salty sea air.
  • Vinyl: Similar to steel but less customizable. A good choice for homes with children as it is nearly damage proof.

Professional Garage Door Installation

After your door comes in, we will bring it out and install it piece by piece in your garage. This will take a few hours but you can be confident that our team knows what they are doing. After we install it, we will check all systems and test your door balance to make sure everything is working efficiently.

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